Gönderen Konu: ULI Europe Trend Conferences 2009 - Istanbul  (Okunma sayısı 1814 defa)


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ULI Europe Trend Conferences 2009 - Istanbul
« : Nisan 10, 2009, 02:39:53 ÖS »
Etkinlik Başlangıç - Bitiş Tarihi: 28 - 29 Nisan 2009
Yer: Swissotel, Maçka - ıstanbul
Web Sitesi: www.uli.org

For the first time, ULI are holding 3 separate Trends Conferences, instead of a single event, to facilitate member engagement.
We appreciate that it is hard to justify travelling to events during these difficult times. Regionalising the events will make it easier, in terms of time and cost, for more members to participate.

The conferences will take place in Istanbul (28 - 29 April 2009), London (11 - 12 May 2009) and Vienna (26 - 27 May 2009).

Programme Overview
What does the future hold for the real estate industry? Senior professionals do not need to be told that we are in a time of unprecedented economic crisis. They are living through it. ULI Europe's Trends Conference programme offers an unprecedented opportunity to look at new trends that are developing and forward trajectories for the financial and development markets. Hear from experts with an unsurpassed knowledge in both evaluating what happens next together with the opportunities and perils that exist not just in the here and now but in the future twelve months.

ULI Europe Trends Conferences
- 150+ real estate leaders sharing knowledge and experience
- Looking forward - opportunities from the crisis
- Leadership during turbulent times
 - Mapping the future - the next real estate cycle
- ULI-a global, non profit, non lobbying Institute - a trusted place to meet and network

What You Will Learn
The core of each programme will be the same, majoring on financial themes. Each programme will also offer practical and realistic sessions on regional real estate trends and how these fit into the pan-European and global landscape.

The conferences cannot provide off the shelf solutions to problems but instead are intended to provide a framework, knowledge and understanding for senior executives to shape and mould their own organisations in the continued turbulent year ahead.

Core Programme
Day 1
11:00 - 17:00: Product Council Meetings
Product Councils will be invited to choose at which event they hold their meetings and dinner.
15:00 - 18:30: Young Leaders Programme & Reception
19:00 - 22:30: Conference Reception and Dinner

Day 2
09:00 - 17:30: Conference

Tailored Programming and Additional Events
Istanbul: One and a half day conference programme.
½ day training workshop "Managing Risk" (additional fee applies).
Launch of ULI Infrastructure Report.

London: Funding the Future Conference.
Deflation vs inflation? What are we going to buy?
What do tenants want? Industry insights. Government solutions.

Vienna: Launch of ULI Global Demographics Report.
Presentation of ULI Europe Awards for Excellence.
Combine with Real Vienna exhibition. Reduced entry fee  for conference attendees.

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